Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome 2013

I've never really been one for New Years resolutions. But I do agree with Jess that we need to be intentional about things. Only when we are intentional about things do things begin to happen. So, these are my intentions for the coming year

It seems like this should come easy...I'm a follower of Christ, He is supposedly in charge of my life, why wouldn't I spent time with Him? But as we keep learning in church, it doesn't come easy. Rigor, as Bill said. It takes Rigor. We have to work at it. Work at making the time, clearing the mental space, seeking the quiet. And I am terrible at all of these things. I guess it seems like it should come easy; I should desire to spend time with God. And I do. I do desire it, yet I still don't make it a priority. I spend more time comparing my spiritual life to others than I do actually building it. I am thankful to be involved in a church and a Christian community where I am continually reminded of how important it is to spend time with the Lord - reading his word, praying, listening... and my prayer is that I can begin to truly see the value of it and make it a higher priority in my life. 

This is a big one for me.... and a hard one. This goal/idea has two facets to it. The first is my attitude towards others. I need to learn to be kind, gracious, and loving towards others at all times. This is the way God loves us and the way He calls us to love others.  I need to show them the same grace the Father shows me. Which leads to the second part of this.... being gracious towards myself. I need to focus on the fact that I am a redeemed and forgiven daughter of the King. He has already forgiven me and pours out un-measurable grace. I need to show myself that same grace. I tend to hold on to things, like, really hold on to them. I still beat myself up about stupid things I said or did years ago. If I misspeak, or embarrass myself,  I wake up the next morning thinking about it and crafting page long apologies in my head when more than likely its already been forgotten by everyone else. Showing myself a little grace will go a long way. 
My grandmother gave me a sewing machine as a bridal shower gift almost 4 years ago. I have yet to learn to use it. But I want to make curtains, and someday a quilt. So its about time I learned! 
I like to write and to document things, I do. I "write" a lot of things in my head but never actually write them down or type them out. Often its because I don't know where to start, or because I don't think its good enough. I'm hyper critical of what I write (see number 2 above). But I need to just start doing it. Looking back at points when I have been diligent to write things down, I love having it to look back on.

I hope to post some updates on these things through out the year (which will fulfill number 4) and I hope to start posting on here more!

Blessings for a great new year!

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