Tuesday, July 26, 2011

movin' south

I havent blogged in forever and it makes me very sad. I have all these posts in my head but no time to actually put them into writing and pictures.

Things have been ultra crazy lately in both my work life and personal life.

On August 12th, Jeffrey and I will be moving to Greenville, SC! I am so excited and cant wait!

I have my last full day of work at SnapAV next Friday, August 5th. Then I will be working part time the next week and packing up our townhouse for the move.

I don't have a new job in Greenville yet, so I hope/plan on using my new-found free time to do some personal creative projects and get back into the world of blogging!

So, hopefully, towards the end of the month be looking for some posts from me!

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