Friday, June 3, 2011

reckless faith

I am currently reading the book Reckless Faith by Beth Guckenberger.

Beth and her husband Todd founded Back2Back ministries. They serve the poor and the orphan in Mexico, India, and Nigeria.

The book consists of stories about God really showing up, even when you didn't expect it. Its about letting go of our own plans and agenda ans having reckless faith. Its about how sometimes the best thing we can do for someone is sit with them and paint their finger nails. How we have to trust God to lead us and open doors for us and be open to what he is trying to do. Its stories of children being fed when they thought they would go hungry that night and of doing things even when they weren't comfortable or according to plan.

The book is especially meaningful to me because I have met many of the people in the stories. Through out middle school and high school I traveled to Monterrey, Mexico with Back2Back every summer. Those weeks spent there were some of the most meaningful in my life. Having the opportunity to serve others and build in to their broken lives was amazing, and it also teaches you about yourself. You have to learn to do things you might not normally do and let God provide you with strength even when you feel you have none. And he really does do it.

While part of me reads this book and feels frustrated that I haven't had these great "God moments" in my life, it is also teaching me that I need to be open to them and let them happen. Getting frustrated is not going to help anything. And maybe I will never deliver a truck full of food to starving orphans at exactly the moment they need it... but that doesn't mean God cant use to me bless others. Even if its just a kind word when someone needs it.

I need to grow my faith and learn to be more reckless. I need to stop scheduling and planning and be open to what God is trying to do.

If you want to read some amazing stories and be challenged in your own faith, get this book here or here.

Learn more about Back2Back ministries by visiting their website. They are a great organization who does so much for those less fortunate. They are getting ready to open a new campus in Cancun.

I hope to make it back to Mexico someday and take my husband with me. But until then, I have to learn to let God use me where I am.

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