Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I haven't blogged in a while... mostly because my husband 'kindly' pointed out to me that no one reads it... but I will just keep trucking and maybe someday I will have some followers :-)

The last few weeks have been busy with the trip to Chicago and last weekends trip to Charleston. I will try to blog about those later today.

I have spent most of my afternoon so far reading blogs from Back2Back... so if you are one of the staff members I just started following and you're wondering who the heck I am... My name is Laura Mahony- formerly Laura Terkosky. I lived in Cincinnati and spent all of highschool taking summer trips with Back2Back. I haven't been to Mexico in over 6 years, but still have such a heart for the ministry there. I love seeing the children's faces and its amazing how much has changed! I hope to get back some day, with my husband in tow, but until then I just like following the blogs and reading the stories.


  1. Hi Laura! It's Jessica, from B2B. Thanks for following my blog! :) I love your blog- the outfits you put together are so cute!

    I noticed that you are from NC. Do you live in Charlotte? I am actually moving there in July and if you are there, it would be great to get together and share about our experiences with B2B!

    Nice to meet you (haha in the blogging world anyway)!

  2. I'm reading it now! I had no idea you had a blog! I really like it. :) So how is North Carolina? We are moving to Durham this August because my husband is attending Duke Divinity. After Ohio and Michigan, I'm excited for some warmer weather! Hope all is well with you!